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About us

     We are a family run 'sit & fit' store. We carry in-style comfort brands shoes and offer products such as compression stockings and wraps. 

     Our products and services are ideal for active individuals, such as cooks, nurses, and waitresses, that are on their feet all day and looking for relief through comfortable shoes. We have a large inventory of shoes available for customers to try on right in our store.

     Sanaljon focuses on hard-to-fit individuals. Our expertise in caring for sensitive, fragile, diabetic feet has led us to care for all types of conditions, such as hammertoes, plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, arthritic feet, and sports related injuries.

 mission statement

     To offer comprehensive Pedorthic Services to the community and build partnerships with patients, their families, and the healthcare team for the care of diabetic feet or other hard to fit individuals.

     To consistently exceed patient expectations in the delivery of quality foot care products through the knowledge, experience and continuing education of our professional staff.

     To educate and bring awareness of products and services available to alleviate unnecessary foot pain.

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