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Needs to be completed before coming for your scheduled diabetic shoe appointment

Needs to be completed before coming for your scheduled orthotics appointment

Prescription form for doctor to fill out for stockings

Prescription form for doctor to fill out for shoes & inserts

Certificate of Medical Necessity for diabetics to be filled out by doctor

Please complete and return once all services have been completed

Diabetic Footwear Patient Service Evaluation Form

Give Us Your Feedback
I was treated professionally and with courtesy?
I was seen in a timely fashion for my appointment.
I was given complete instructions on the proper use, care, and maintenance of my my devices/shoes/inserts, including any wearing schedules and literature that may be appropriate.
My devices, shoes, and/or modifications meet my expectations.
I was told to re-contact Sanaljon if there is a problem with the fit or function of my devices/shoes/inserts.
I was pleased with the selection available at Sanaljon.
My financial obligations were explained to me.

Thank you! Your form has been submitted.

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